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Five-Way Trade
Jul 8, 2023
LA Clippers Acquire:
Logo of the LA Clippers
From HOU:
Kenyon Martin Jr. · $1,930,681
Cap Hit Sum: $1,930,681
Cap Hit Change: +$1,930,681
Oklahoma City Thunder Acquire:
Logo of the Oklahoma City Thunder
From HOU:
Patty Mills · $6,802,950
2024 2nd round pick (HOU)
2029 2nd round pick (HOU)
2030 2nd round pick (HOU)
Cap Hit Sum: $6,802,950
Cap Hit Change: +$6,802,950
Memphis Grizzlies Acquire:
Logo of the Memphis Grizzlies
From HOU:
Josh Christopher · $2,485,200
From LAC:
Vanja Marinkovic · $0 (Signing Rights)
Trade Exceptions Generated:
Dillon Brooks · $9,328,636
Cap Hit Sum: $2,485,200
Cap Hit Change: -$19,136,422
Houston Rockets Acquire:
Logo of the Houston Rockets
From MEM:
Dillon Brooks · $21,621,622
From ATL:
Alpha Kaba · $0 (Signing Rights)
From LAC:
2026 2nd round pick (BOS) [Conditional]*
2027 2nd round pick (MEM)
*Conditions: HOU will receive the i) lower pick of LAC choice and then the ii) highest pick of BOS, IND, and MIA
*Conditional Result: Pending
Cap Hit Sum: $21,621,622
Cap Hit Change: +$5,493,951
Atlanta Hawks Acquire:
Logo of the Atlanta Hawks
From HOU:
Usman Garuba · $2,588,400
TyTy Washington Jr · $2,320,440
2025 2nd round pick (MIN)
2028 2nd round pick (HOU)
From OKC:
Cash: $1,100,000
Cap Hit Sum: $4,908,840
Cap Hit Change: +$4,908,840
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