Bird Rights Calculator

Bird exceptions allow teams to sign their free agents when they are over the salary cap, preventing the need of dismantling a roster due to lack of cap room. Bird rights are determined as a function of how many years the player has been signed to one or more contracts without having their rights dropped (including through waivers and renouncing a hold), or since signing as a free agent.

There are three Bird exceptions:

  1. Non-Bird (Non-Qualifying Veteran Free Agent)
  2. Early-Bird (Early-Qualifying Veteran Free Agent)
  3. Bird (Qualifying Veteran Free Agent)

Non-BirdNon-Bird (Non-Qualifying Veteran Free Agent)
Earned after 1 year. Permits a player to sign a contract with the following properties:
  1. Length: 1-4 years
  2. Salary increase: 5%
  3. 1st year salary up to the greater of:
    1. 120% of the player's salary in the previous season, or
    2. 120% of the minimum player salary for the season, or
    3. The amounted needed to tender a qualifying offer if the player is an RFA

Early-BirdEarly-Bird (Early-Qualifying Veteran Free Agent)
Earned after 2 years. Permits a player to sign a contract with the following properties:
  1. Length: 2-4 years (1 year contracts are not permitted to prevent the team from signing a player to a 1-year contract simply to attain the Bird exception)
  2. Salary increase: 8%
  3. 1st year salary up to the greater of:
    1. 175% of the player's salary in the previous season, or
    2. 105% of the league average salary for the season

BirdBird (Qualifying Veteran Free Agent)
Earned after 3 years. Permits a player to sign a contract with the following properties:
  1. Length: 1-5 years
  2. Salary increase: 8%
  3. 1st year salary up to:
    1. 25% of the salary cap for players with 6 or less years of service, or
    2. 30% of the salary cap for players with 7-9 years of service, or
    3. 35% of the salary cap for players with 10 or more years of service

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Achiuwa, PreciousPF24Logo of the New York KnicksNYKRSCRFA2024$4,379,527
Adams, StevenC30Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVEUFA2025$12,600,000
Adebayo, BamC, PF26Logo of the Miami HeatMIADRSEUFA2026$37,096,620
Agbaji, OchaiSG24Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORRSCRFA2026$6,383,525
Aldama, SantiPF23Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRSCRFA2025$3,960,531
Alexander-Walker, NickeilSG25Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINVetUFA2025$4,312,500
Allen, JarrettC26Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2026$20,000,000
Allen, GraysonSG28Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVEUFA2028$19,375,000
Alvarado, JosePG26Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPRookUFA2025$1,988,598
Anderson, KyleSF, PF30Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINVetUFA2024$9,219,512
Antetokounmpo, GiannisPF, PG, SF, SG29Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVEUFA2028$66,821,678
Antetokounmpo, ThanasisSF31Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Anthony, ColePG24Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSEUFA2027$13,100,000
Anunoby, OGSF26Logo of the New York KnicksNYKDRSEUFA2025$19,928,571
Avdija, DeniSG, SF23Logo of the Washington WizardsWASRSEUFA2028$11,875,000
Ayton, DeandreC25Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORPRFAUFA2026$35,550,814
Azubuike, UdokaC24Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHX2WayUFA2024$0
Badji, IbouC21Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPOR2WayUFA2024$0
Badji, IbouC21Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPOR2WayRFA2024$0
Bagley III, MarvinPF25Logo of the Washington WizardsWASVetUFA2025$12,500,000
Bailey, AmariSG, PG20Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHA2WayRFA2024$0
Baldwin Jr, PatrickPF21Logo of the Washington WizardsWASRSCRFA2026$4,420,156
Ball, LonzoPG26Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2025$21,395,348
Ball, LaMeloSG, PG22Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHARSEUFA2029$46,530,000
Bamba, MoC26Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Banchero, PaoloPF21Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSCRFA2026$15,334,769
Bane, DesmondSG, SF25Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRSEUFA2029$44,886,930
Banton, DalanoPG24Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORVetUFA2025$2,196,970
Barlow, DominickPF, C21Logo of the San Antonio SpursSAS2WayRFA2024$0
Barlow, DominickPF, C21Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASVetRFA2024$455,620
Barnes, HarrisonPF, SF32Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVEUFA2026$19,000,000
Barnes, ScottieSG, PF22Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORRSCRFA2025$10,130,980
Barrett, RJSG23Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORRSEUFA2027$29,616,071
Bassey, CharlesC23Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASVetUFA2026$2,500,000
Bates, EmoniSF, SG20Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLE2WayRFA2024$0
Bates-Diop, KeitaSF28Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNVetUFA2025$2,654,644
Batum, NicolasSF, SG35Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$11,710,818
Bazley, DariusPF24Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2026$2,781,053
Beal, BradleySG30Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2027$57,128,610
Beasley, MalikSG27Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Beauchamp, MarJonSG, SF23Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILRSCRFA2026$4,781,276
Bernard, JulesSG, SF24Logo of the Washington WizardsWASExh10UFA2024$1,119,563
Bernard, JulesSG, SF24Logo of the Washington WizardsWAS2WayRFA2024$0
Bertans, DavisPF31Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHAVetUFA2025$16,000,000
Beverley, PatrickPG, SG35Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Bey, SaddiqPF, SF25Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLRSCRFA2024$4,556,983
Bitadze, GogaC24Logo of the Orlando MagicORLVetUFA2024$2,066,585
Bitim, OnuralpSF25Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIRookRFA2026$2,221,677
Biyombo, BismackC31Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVetUFA2024$5,000,000
Biyombo, BismackC31Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVetUFA2024$754,488
Black, AnthonySG, PG20Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSCRFA2027$10,106,316
Black, LeakySF24Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHA2WayRFA2025$0
Boeheim, BuddySG24Logo of the Detroit PistonsDET2WayRFA2025$0
Bogdanovic, BojanSF35Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVEUFA2025$19,032,850
Bogdanovic, BogdanSG31Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLVEUFA2027$16,020,000
Bol, BolC24Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2024$2,200,000
Bol, BolC24Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Bolden, MarquesC26Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHA2WayRFA2025$0
Booker, DevinSG27Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXDVEUFA2028$61,194,000
Boston Jr., BrandonSG, SF22Logo of the LA ClippersLACRookRFA2024$1,836,096
Boucher, ChrisPF30Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVetUFA2025$10,810,000
Bouyea, JamareePG, SG24Logo of the San Antonio SpursSAS2WayRFA2025$0
Branham, MalakiSG, SF21Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASRSCRFA2026$4,962,033
Braun, ChristianSG23Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENRSCRFA2026$4,921,797
Bridges, MilesSF, PF26Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHAVetUFA2024$7,921,300
Bridges, MikalSG, SF27Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNDRSEUFA2026$24,900,000
Brissett, OshaePF, SF25Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSVetUFA2025$2,463,946
Brogdon, MalcolmPG, SG31Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORVEUFA2025$22,500,000
Brooks, DillonSF, SG28Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2027$19,992,727
Brown, JaylenSG, SF27Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSDVEUFA2029$65,142,000
Brown, MosesC24Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Brown, KendallSG, SF21Logo of the Indiana PacersINDVetUFA2026$2,301,587
Brown, KobeSG, SF24Logo of the LA ClippersLACRSCRFA2027$4,792,059
Brown III, GregPF, C22Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALExh10RFA2024$2,019,706
Brown III, GregPF, C22Logo of the Dallas MavericksDAL2WayRFA2024$0
Brown Jr., CharlieSG27Logo of the New York KnicksNYKExh10UFA2024$2,019,706
Brown Jr., CharlieSG27Logo of the New York KnicksNYK2WayUFA2024$0
Brown Jr., BruceSG27Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVetUFA2025$23,000,000
Brown Jr., TroySF, SG24Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETVetUFA2025$4,000,000
Brunson, JalenPG27Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2026$24,960,001
Bryant, ThomasC26Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2025$2,845,342
Bufkin, KobePG, SG20Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLRSCRFA2027$6,904,203
Bullock, ReggieSF, SG33Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2024$11,014,080
Bullock, ReggieSF, SG33Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Burks, AlecSG32Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2024$10,489,600
Butler, JimmySF, SG34Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVEUFA2026$52,413,394
Butler, JaredPG23Logo of the Washington WizardsWASVetUFA2026$2,381,501
Cain, JamalSF25Logo of the Miami HeatMIA2WayRFA2024$0
Caldwell-Pope, KentaviousSG31Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENVEUFA2025$15,440,185
Camara, ToumaniPF24Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Cancar, VlatkoSF27Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENVetUFA2025$2,346,606
Capela, ClintC30Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLVEUFA2025$22,265,280
Carter, JevonPG28Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2026$6,809,524
Carter Jr., WendellC25Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSEUFA2026$10,850,000
Carter-Williams, MichaelPG, SG32Logo of the Orlando MagicORLVetUFA2024$652,829
Carton, D. J.PG23Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTOR2WayRFA2025$0
Caruso, AlexPG, SG30Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2025$9,890,000
Castleton, ColinC, PF24Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLAL2WayRFA2024$0
Champagnie, JulianSG, SF22Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASVetUFA2027$3,000,000
Champagnie, JustinSF, PF22Logo of the Washington WizardsWAS2WayRFA2025$0
Christie, MaxSG21Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALRookRFA2024$1,719,864
Cissoko, SidyPG, SF20Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASRookRFA2026$2,221,677
Clark, JaylenSG22Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMIN2WayRFA2025$0
Clarke, BrandonPF27Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRSEUFA2027$12,500,000
Clarkson, JordanPG, SG32Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVEUFA2026$14,285,714
Claxton, NicolasC, PF25Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNVetUFA2024$9,625,000
Clowney, NoahPF, C19Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNRSCRFA2027$5,414,034
Coffey, AmirSG26Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetUFA2025$3,938,271
Collins, JohnPF26Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2026$26,580,000
Collins, ZachC, PF26Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASVEUFA2026$18,080,496
Conley, MikePG36Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINVEUFA2026$10,774,038
Connaughton, PatSG31Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVEUFA2026$9,423,869
Coulibaly, BilalSF19Logo of the Washington WizardsWASRSCRFA2027$9,240,012
Council IV, RickySG22Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Covington, RobertPF, SF33Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVEUFA2024$11,692,308
Craig, TorreySF33Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2025$2,845,342
Crowder, JaePF, SF33Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Cunningham, CadePG22Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSCRFA2025$13,940,809
Curry, SethPG, SG33Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHAVetUFA2025$4,000,000
Curry, StephenPG36Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVEUFA2026$59,606,817
Daniels, DysonSG, SF21Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPRSCRFA2026$7,707,709
Davis, AnthonyC, PF31Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVEUFA2028$66,821,678
Davis, JohnnySG, SF22Logo of the Washington WizardsWASRSCRFA2026$6,746,229
Davison, JDPG21Logo of the Boston CelticsBOS2WayRFA2024$0
DeRozan, DeMarSF, SG34Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2024$28,600,000
Diabaté, MoussaPF22Logo of the LA ClippersLAC2WayRFA2024$0
Diakite, MamadiSF, PF27Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2025$2,273,252
Dick, GradeySG, SF20Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORRSCRFA2027$7,131,510
Dieng, OusmanePF21Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCRSCRFA2026$6,670,882
Dinwiddie, SpencerPG, SG31Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2024$20,357,143
Dinwiddie, SpencerPG, SG31Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2024$1,554,654
DiVincenzo, DonteSG27Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2027$12,535,000
Doncic, LukaPG, SG25Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALDRSEUFA2027$48,967,380
Dort, LuguentzSF, PF25Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVetUFA2027$17,722,222
Dosunmu, AyoPG24Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2026$7,518,518
Dowtin, JeffPG, SG27Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetRFA2025$2,196,970
Drell, HenriSG, SF24Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIExh10UFA2024$1,119,563
Drell, HenriSG, SF24Logo of the Chicago BullsCHI2WayRFA2024$0
Drummond, AndreC30Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2024$3,360,000
Duarte, ChrisSG27Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACRSCRFA2025$5,893,768
Duke Jr., DavidPG, SG24Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASExh10UFA2024$2,019,706
Duke Jr., DavidPG, SG24Logo of the San Antonio SpursSAS2WayRFA2024$0
Dunn, KrisPG30Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2024$2,586,665
Durant, KevinPF, SF, SG35Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVEUFA2026$54,708,609
Duren, JalenC20Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSCRFA2026$6,483,144
Eason, TariPF23Logo of the Houston RocketsHOURSCRFA2026$5,675,766
Edwards, AnthonySF, SG22Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINRSEUFA2029$55,836,000
Edwards, KesslerSF23Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVetRFA2024$1,927,896
Ellis, KeonSG24Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVetUFA2026$2,301,587
Embiid, JoelC30Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIDVEUFA2027$59,033,114
Eubanks, DrewPF27Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2025$2,654,644
Evbuomwan, TosanPF23Logo of the Detroit PistonsDET2WayRFA2025$0
Exum, DantePG, SG28Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVetUFA2025$3,150,000
Fernando, BrunoC25Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLVetUFA2026$2,853,260
Finney-Smith, DorianPF, SF31Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNVEUFA2026$15,378,480
Flagler, AdamPG24Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKC2WayRFA2025$0
Flynn, MalachiPG26Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSCRFA2024$3,873,025
Fontecchio, SimoneSF28Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRookRFA2024$3,044,872
Ford, JordanPG26Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACExh10RFA2024$1,119,563
Ford, JordanPG26Logo of the Sacramento KingsSAC2WayRFA2024$0
Forrest, TrentPG, SG26Logo of the Atlanta HawksATL2WayRFA2024$0
Forrest, TrentPG, SG26Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLVetUFA2024$533,945
Fournier, EvanSF, SG31Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETVetUFA2025$19,000,000
Fox, De'AaronPG26Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACDRSEUFA2026$37,096,620
Freeman-Liberty, JavonSG24Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORRookRFA2025$1,891,857
Fudge, AlexSF21Logo of the Dallas MavericksDAL2WayRFA2025$0
Fultz, MarkellePG, SG26Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSEUFA2024$17,000,000
Funk, AndrewSG24Logo of the Chicago BullsCHI2WayRFA2025$0
Gafford, DanielC25Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVEUFA2026$14,386,320
Gallinari, DaniloSF, PF35Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2024$6,802,950
Gallinari, DaniloSF, PF35Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2024$661,628
Galloway, JaylinSF21Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMIL2WayRFA2025$0
Garland, DariusPG24Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEDRSEUFA2028$44,886,930
Garuba, UsmanPF, C22Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWRSCUFA2025$2,588,400
Garuba, UsmanPF, C22Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSW2WayRFA2024$0
Garuba, UsmanPF, C22Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVetRFA2024$11,608
Garza, LukaC25Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMIN2WayRFA2024$0
Garza, LukaC25Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINVetRFA2024$127,683
George, PaulSF, SG34Logo of the LA ClippersLACVEUFA2025$48,787,676
George, KeyonteSG20Logo of the Utah JazzUTARSCRFA2027$6,563,925
Gibson, TajC, PF38Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Gibson, TajC, PF38Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETVetUFA2024$1,416,116
Gibson, TajC, PF38Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETVetUFA2024$348,225
Giddey, JoshPF, SF21Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCRSCRFA2025$8,352,367
Giles III, HarryPF, C26Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALCIUFA2024$2,019,706
Giles III, HarryPF, C26Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLAL2WayUFA2024$0
Gilgeous-Alexander, ShaiPG, SG25Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCDRSEUFA2027$40,806,150
Gill, AnthonyPF31Logo of the Washington WizardsWASVetUFA2024$1,997,238
Gillespie, CollinPG24Logo of the Denver NuggetsDEN2WayRFA2024$0
Gilyard, JacobPG25Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKN2WayUFA2024$0
Gilyard, JacobPG25Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKN2WayRFA2024$0
Gobert, RudyC31Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINDVEUFA2026$46,655,172
Goodwin, JordanSG25Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMVetUFA2025$1,927,896
Goodwin, JordanSG25Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEM2WayRFA2024$0
Gordon, AaronPF, SF28Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENVEUFA2026$22,841,455
Gordon, EricPG, SG35Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2025$3,356,271
Graham, Devonte'PG29Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASVetUFA2025$12,650,000
Grant, JeramiPF, SF30Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORVetUFA2028$36,413,790
Gray, RaiQuanPF24Logo of the San Antonio SpursSAS2WayRFA2025$0
Green, JavonteSF30Logo of the Chicago BullsCHICIUFA2024$2,019,706
Green, JavonteSF30Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2024$127,683
Green, DraymondPF, SF34Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVetUFA2027$27,678,571
Green, JeffPF, SF37Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2025$8,000,000
Green, JoshSG, SF23Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALRSEUFA2027$14,679,012
Green, JalenSG22Logo of the Houston RocketsHOURSCRFA2025$12,483,048
Green, AJPG24Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2026$2,301,587
Griffin, AJSG, SF20Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLRSCRFA2026$5,967,137
Grimes, QuentinSG24Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSCRFA2025$4,296,682
Gueye, MouhamadouPF25Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTOR2WayRFA2025$0
Gueye, MouhamedPF21Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Hachimura, RuiPF26Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2026$18,259,259
Hagans, AshtonPG24Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORExh10UFA2024$1,801,769
Hagans, AshtonPG24Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPOR2WayRFA2024$0
Haliburton, TyresePG24Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRSEUFA2029$55,836,000
Hardaway Jr., TimSG, SF32Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVetUFA2025$16,193,183
Harden, JamesPG, SG34Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetUFA2024$35,680,595
Hardy, JadenSG, PG21Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALRookRFA2025$2,019,699
Harrell, MontrezlC, PF30VetUFA2024$2,463,490
Harris, TobiasPF, SF31Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$39,270,150
Harris, GarySG29Logo of the Orlando MagicORLVEUFA2024$13,000,000
Harris, KevonSG, SF26Logo of the Orlando MagicORL2WayRFA2024$0
Hart, JoshSF, SG29Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVEUFA2028$22,375,280
Hartenstein, IsaiahC, PF26Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2024$9,245,121
Hauser, SamSF26Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSVetUFA2025$2,092,344
Hawkins, JordanSG22Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPRSCRFA2027$7,021,895
Hayes, JaxsonC, PF24Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2025$2,463,946
Hayward, GordonPF, SF34Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVetUFA2024$33,319,397
Henderson, ScootPG20Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORRSCRFA2027$13,585,523
Hendricks, TaylorPF, C20Logo of the Utah JazzUTARSCRFA2027$7,805,900
Hernangomez, WillyC30Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVetUFA2024$2,443,581
Herro, TylerSG24Logo of the Miami HeatMIARSEUFA2027$33,000,000
Hield, BuddySG31Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIRSEUFA2024$19,845,098
Highsmith, HaywoodSF27Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2024$1,902,137
Hill, MalcolmSF28Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOP2WayUFA2025$0
Hinton, NateSF25Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUExh10UFA2024$2,019,706
Hinton, NateSF25Logo of the Houston RocketsHOU2WayRFA2024$0
Holiday, AaronPG27Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Holiday, JustinSG, SF35Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Holiday, JruePG, SG34Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSVEUFA2028$37,200,000
Holmes, RichaunC, PF30Logo of the Washington WizardsWASVetUFA2025$12,876,780
Holmgren, ChetC22Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCRSCRFA2026$13,731,369
Hood-Schifino, JalenSG, SF20Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALRookRFA2027$6,243,287
Horford, AlC, PF38Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSVEUFA2025$9,500,000
Horton-Tucker, TalenSG23Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2024$11,020,000
Houstan, CalebSF, SG21Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRookUFA2026$2,187,699
Howard, JettSF20Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSCRFA2027$7,337,938
Huerter, KevinSG25Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACRSEUFA2026$17,991,071
Huff, JayC25Logo of the Denver NuggetsDEN2WayRFA2024$0
Hunter, De'AndreSF26Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLRSEUFA2027$24,910,714
Hyland, Nah'Shon BonesPG, SG23Logo of the LA ClippersLACRSCRFA2025$4,158,439
Ingles, JoePF, SF36Logo of the Orlando MagicORLVetUFA2025$11,000,000
Ingram, BrandonPF, SF26Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVetUFA2025$36,016,200
Irving, KyriePG, SG32Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVetUFA2026$43,962,963
Isaac, JonathanPF, SF26Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSEUFA2025$17,400,000
Ivey, JadenSG22Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSCRFA2026$10,107,163
Jackson, ReggiePG34Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENVetUFA2025$5,250,000
Jackson, IsaiahC22Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRSCRFA2025$4,435,381
Jackson, QuentonSG, PG25Logo of the Indiana PacersIND2WayUFA2024$0
Jackson, QuentonSG, PG25Logo of the Indiana PacersINDExh10UFA2024$1,801,769
Jackson, QuentonSG, PG25Logo of the Indiana PacersIND2WayRFA2024$0
Jackson II, GGPF, C19Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRookRFA2027$2,406,205
Jackson Jr., AndreSG, PG22Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Jackson Jr., JarenC, PF24Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRSEUFA2026$23,413,395
Jackson-Davis, TraycePF, C24Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWRookUFA2027$2,406,205
James, LeBronPF, PG, SF, SG39Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVEUFA2025$51,415,938
Jaquez Jr., JaimeSF, SG23Logo of the Miami HeatMIARSCRFA2027$5,939,141
Jeffries, DaQuanSG26Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2025$2,463,946
Jemison, TreyPF24Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEM2WayRFA2025$0
Jerome, TySG, PG26Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2025$2,560,975
Joe, IsaiahSG24Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVetUFA2025$2,164,993
Johnson, JamesPF, SF37Logo of the Indiana PacersINDVetUFA2024$1,416,116
Johnson, JamesPF, SF37Logo of the Indiana PacersINDVetUFA2024$777,703
Johnson, CameronSF, PF28Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNVetUFA2027$23,625,000
Johnson, KeldonSF24Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASDRSEUFA2027$17,500,000
Johnson, JalenPF, SF22Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLRSCRFA2025$4,510,905
Johnson, KeonSG22Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNRSCUFA2025$2,808,720
Johnson, KeonSG22Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKN2WayRFA2024$0
Johnson, KeyontaeSG, SF24Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKC2WayRFA2024$0
Jokic, NikolaC29Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENDVEUFA2028$62,841,702
Jones, DamianC28Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2024$2,586,665
Jones, TyusPG28Logo of the Washington WizardsWASVetUFA2024$14,000,000
Jones, TrePG24Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASVetUFA2025$9,104,167
Jones, MasonPG, SG25Logo of the Sacramento KingsSAC2WayRFA2025$0
Jones, KaiC23Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetRFA2025$2,196,970
Jones, HerbertSG, SF25Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVetUFA2027$14,898,786
Jones, ColbySG22Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Jones Jr., DerrickPF, SF27Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Jordan, DeAndreC35Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Jovic, NikolaSF, SG21Logo of the Miami HeatMIARSCRFA2026$4,445,417
Juzang, JohnnySG23Logo of the Utah JazzUTA2WayRFA2024$0
Kennard, LukeSG27Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRSEUFA2025$14,763,636
Kessler, WalkerC, PF22Logo of the Utah JazzUTARSCRFA2026$4,878,938
Key, BraxtonPF27Logo of the Denver NuggetsDEN2WayRFA2024$0
Kispert, CoreySF25Logo of the Washington WizardsWASRSCRFA2025$5,705,887
Kleber, MaxiC, PF32Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVEUFA2026$11,000,000
Knight, NathanPF26VetUFA2024$1,836,090
Knox, KevinPF, SF24VetUFA2024$3,000,000
Konchar, JohnSG28Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMVEUFA2027$6,165,000
Kornet, LukeC, PF28Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSVetUFA2024$2,413,304
Krejci, VitSG23Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLRookUFA2025$1,836,096
Krejci, VitSG23Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLExh10UFA2024$2,019,706
Krejci, VitSG23Logo of the Atlanta HawksATL2WayRFA2024$0
Kuminga, JonathanSF, PF21Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWRSCRFA2025$7,636,307
Kuzma, KylePF28Logo of the Washington WizardsWASVetUFA2027$19,431,819
Landale, JockC, PF28Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2027$8,000,000
LaRavia, JakeSF, PF22Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRSCRFA2026$5,163,127
LaVine, ZachSG29Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2027$48,967,380
Lawson, A.J.SG23Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVetUFA2027$2,489,752
Lee, DamionSG31Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2025$2,845,342
Lee, SabenPG24Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHX2WayRFA2024$0
Len, AlexC30Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Leonard, KawhiSF32Logo of the LA ClippersLACVEUFA2027$50,300,000
LeVert, CarisSF, SG29Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2025$16,615,384
Lewis, MaxwellSF21Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Lewis Jr., KiraPG23Logo of the Utah JazzUTARSCRFA2024$5,722,116
Liddell, E.J.PF23Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVetUFA2026$2,301,587
Lillard, DamianPG33Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVEUFA2027$63,228,828
Little, NassirPF24Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXRSEUFA2027$7,750,000
Lively II, DereckC20Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALRookRFA2027$7,239,130
Livingston, ChrisSF, PF20Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Lofton Jr., KennethPF21Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2026$2,301,587
Looney, KevonC, PF28Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVetUFA2025$8,000,000
Lopez, BrookC36Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2025$23,000,000
Love, KevinC, PF35Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2025$4,027,525
Lowry, KylePG38Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$29,682,540
Lowry, KylePG38Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$2,795,839
Lundy, SethSG, SF24Logo of the Atlanta HawksATL2WayRFA2024$0
Lyles, TreyPF28Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVetUFA2025$8,000,000
Mamukelashvili, SandroC, PF25Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASVetRFA2024$2,019,706
Mann, TeranceSG27Logo of the LA ClippersLACVEUFA2025$11,423,077
Mann, TrePG23Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHARSCRFA2025$4,908,373
Marjanovic, BobanC35Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Markkanen, LauriSF, PF27Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2025$18,044,544
Marshall, NajiSF26Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPRookUFA2024$1,930,681
Martin, CodySF28Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHAVetUFA2026$8,680,000
Martin, CalebSF28Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2025$7,126,900
Martin, JaylenSF20Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKN2WayRFA2025$0
Martin Jr., KenyonSF23Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIRookUFA2024$1,930,681
Mathews, GarrisonSG27Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLVetUFA2025$2,230,253
Mathurin, BennedictSG, SF20Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRSCRFA2026$9,187,573
Matthews, WesleySF, SG37Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Maxey, TyresePG, SG23Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIRSCRFA2024$4,343,920
Mays, SkylarPG, SG26Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLAL2WayUFA2024$0
Mays, SkylarPG, SG26Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2024$1,799,163
Mays, SkylarPG, SG26Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLAL2WayUFA2024$0
McBride, MilesPG23Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVEUFA2027$3,956,523
McCollum, CJSG32Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVEUFA2026$30,666,666
McConnell, T.J.PG32Logo of the Indiana PacersINDVetUFA2025$9,300,000
McDaniels, JalenPF26Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVetUFA2025$4,741,800
McDaniels, JadenSF, PF23Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINRSEUFA2029$30,382,755
McDermott, DougPF, SF32Logo of the Indiana PacersINDVetUFA2024$14,000,000
McGee, JaValeC36Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVetUFA2025$5,734,280
McGee, JaValeC36Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVetUFA2024$2,019,706
McGowens, BryceSG21Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHARookUFA2026$2,187,699
McLaughlin, JordanPG28Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINVetUFA2024$2,420,000
Melton, De'AnthonyPG26Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$8,000,000
Merrill, SamSG28Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2025$2,164,993
Metu, ChimeziePF27Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETVetUFA2025$2,654,644
Micić, VasilijePG30Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHARookUFA2026$8,109,150
Middleton, KhrisSF, SG32Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2026$34,012,345
Miller, BrandonSF, SG21Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHARSCRFA2027$15,104,626
Miller, LeonardSF20Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Miller, JordanSF24Logo of the LA ClippersLAC2WayRFA2025$0
Mills, PattyPG35Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2024$6,802,950
Mills, PattyPG35Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2024$464,300
Milton, Malik ShakeSG27Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2025$5,000,000
Milton, Malik ShakeSG27Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2024$475,908
Minaya, JustinSF, PF25Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORExh10RFA2024$1,801,769
Minaya, JustinSF, PF25Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPOR2WayRFA2024$0
Minott, JoshSF21Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINRookUFA2026$2,187,699
Mitchell, DonovanSG27Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEDRSEUFA2026$37,096,620
Mitchell, DavionPG25Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACRSCRFA2025$6,451,077
Mobley, EvanPF, C22Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLERSCRFA2025$11,227,657
Mobley, IsaiahPF24Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLE2WayRFA2024$0
Monk, MalikSG26Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVetUFA2024$9,945,830
Moody, MosesSG22Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWRSCRFA2025$5,803,269
Moon, XavierSG29Logo of the LA ClippersLACExh10UFA2024$2,019,706
Moon, XavierSG29Logo of the LA ClippersLAC2WayRFA2024$0
Moore Jr, WendellSF22Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINRSCRFA2026$4,574,283
Morant, JaPG24Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMDRSEUFA2028$44,886,930
Morris, MontePG28Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINVEUFA2024$9,800,926
Morris, MarcusPF, SF34Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2024$17,116,279
Morris, MarcusPF, SF34Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2024$197,328
Morris, MarkieffPF34Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALExh10UFA2024$2,019,706
Murphy III, TreySF, SG23Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPRSCRFA2025$5,159,854
Murray, JamalPG, SG27Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENDRSEUFA2025$36,016,200
Murray, DejounteSG, PG27Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLVEUFA2028$31,330,172
Murray, KeeganPF23Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACRSCRFA2026$11,144,093
Murray, KrisPF, SF23Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORRSCRFA2027$5,315,004
Muscala, MikeC, PF32Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVetUFA2024$3,500,000
Muscala, MikeC, PF32Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVetUFA2024$510,730
Mykhailiuk, SviatoslavSF, SG27Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Nance, PetePF, C24Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEExh10UFA2024$1,119,563
Nance, PetePF, C24Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLE2WayRFA2024$0
Nance Jr., LarryC, PF31Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVEUFA2025$11,205,000
Nembhard, AndrewPG24Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRookUFA2026$2,187,699
Nesmith, AaronSF24Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRSEUFA2027$11,000,000
Niang, GeorgesPF30Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2026$8,200,000
Nix, DaishenPG22Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINExh10RFA2024$2,019,706
Nix, DaishenPG22Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMIN2WayRFA2024$0
Nnaji, ZekePF23Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENRSEUFA2028$7,466,667
Nurkic, JusufC29Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2026$19,375,000
Nwora, JordanSF25Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVetUFA2024$3,000,000
O'Neale, RoycePF, SF31Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVEUFA2024$9,500,000
Okeke, ChumaPF25Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSCRFA2024$5,266,713
Okogie, JoshSG25Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2025$2,956,734
Okongwu, OnyekaPF, C23Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLRSEUFA2028$16,880,000
Okoro, IsaacSG, SF23Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLERSCRFA2024$8,920,795
Olynyk, KellyC, PF33Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVEUFA2026$13,445,122
Omoruyi, EugeneSF27Logo of the Washington WizardsWASVetUFA2025$2,196,970
Osman, CediSF29Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASVEUFA2024$6,718,842
Oubre Jr., KellySF28Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Paul, ChrisPG39Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVetUFA2025$30,000,000
Payne, CamPG29Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$6,500,000
Payne, CamPG29Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Payton II, GaryPG31Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVetUFA2025$9,130,000
Peterson, DrewSF, PF24Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSExh10UFA2024$1,119,563
Peterson, DrewSF, PF24Logo of the Boston CelticsBOS2WayRFA2024$0
Phillips, JulianPF, SF20Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Pickett, JalenPG24Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Pippen Jr., ScottyPG, SG21Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEM2WayRFA2025$0
Plumlee, MasonC34Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetUFA2024$5,000,000
Podziemski, BrandinSG21Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWRSCRFA2027$5,679,458
Poeltl, JakobC28Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVetUFA2027$19,500,000
Pokusevski, AleksejPF, C22Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHAVetUFA2025$2,273,252
Poole, JordanSG24Logo of the Washington WizardsWASRSEUFA2027$34,044,642
Porter, JontayPF, C24Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORExh10UFA2024$2,019,706
Porter, JontayPF, C24Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTOR2WayRFA2024$0
Porter Jr., MichaelSF25Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENDRSEUFA2027$40,806,150
Porter Jr., CraigPG24Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLERookUFA2027$2,406,205
Portis, BobbyC, PF29Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILVetUFA2026$13,445,754
Porzingis, KristapsPF28Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSVEUFA2026$30,731,707
Potter, MicahPF, C26Logo of the Utah JazzUTA2WayRFA2024$0
Powell, NormanSG31Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetUFA2026$20,482,758
Powell, DwightC, PF32Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVetUFA2026$4,000,000
Preston, JasonPG24Logo of the Utah JazzUTA2WayUFA2025$0
Prince, TaureanSF30Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2024$4,516,000
Pritchard, PaytonPG26Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSRSEUFA2028$8,303,571
Prosper, Olivier-MaxenceSF, PF21Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALRSCRFA2027$5,259,383
Queen, TrevelinSG27Logo of the Orlando MagicORLExh10RFA2024$2,019,706
Queen, TrevelinSG27Logo of the Orlando MagicORL2WayRFA2024$0
Queta, NeemiasC24Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSVetUFA2025$2,196,970
Quickley, ImmanuelPG24Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORRSCRFA2024$4,171,548
Quinones, LesterSG23Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSW2WayRFA2024$0
Quinones, LesterSG23Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVetRFA2024$548,815
Randle, JuliusC, PF29Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVEUFA2026$30,935,520
Reath, DuopC27Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORRookRFA2026$2,221,677
Reaves, AustinSG26Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2027$14,898,786
Reddish, CamSF24Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2025$2,463,946
Reed, PaulC, PF24Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHIVetUFA2026$8,109,150
Reid, NazC24Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINVEUFA2026$15,022,464
Rhoden, JaredSG24Logo of the Detroit PistonsDET2WayRFA2024$0
Richards, NickC26Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHAVEUFA2026$5,000,000
Richardson, JoshSF, SG30Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2025$3,051,153
Robinson, DuncanPF, SF30Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2026$19,888,000
Robinson, MitchellC26Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2026$12,954,546
Robinson, JeromeSG27Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSW2WayUFA2024$0
Robinson, OrlandoPF, C23Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetRFA2025$2,120,693
Robinson-Earl, JeremiahPF23Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVetUFA2025$2,196,970
Roddy, DavidSF23Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXRSCRFA2026$4,831,766
Rollins, RyanSG20Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMIL2WayRFA2025$0
Rose, DerrickPG35Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMVetUFA2025$3,356,271
Rozier, TerrySG, PG30Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVEUFA2026$26,643,031
Rupert, RayanSG20Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORRookRFA2026$2,221,677
Russell, D'AngeloPG28Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2025$18,692,307
Ryan, MattSF27Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVetUFA2026$2,381,501
Sabonis, DomantasC, PF28Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACVEUFA2028$49,908,000
Samanic, LukaPF24Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2024$2,066,585
Samuels, JermaineSF25Logo of the Houston RocketsHOU2WayRFA2024$0
Sanogo, AdamaPF, C22Logo of the Chicago BullsCHI2WayRFA2024$0
Santos, GuiSF21Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWRookRFA2026$2,221,677
Saric, DarioPF30Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Sarr, OlivierC25Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKC2WayRFA2024$0
Sasser, MarcusSG, PG23Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSCRFA2027$5,198,983
Schofield, AdmiralSF27Logo of the Orlando MagicORL2WayUFA2024$0
Schroder, DennisPG30Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNVetUFA2025$13,025,250
Seabron, DereonSG24Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOP2WayRFA2024$0
Şengün, AlperenC, PF21Logo of the Houston RocketsHOURSCRFA2025$5,424,654
Sensabaugh, BriceSF20Logo of the Utah JazzUTARSCRFA2027$4,862,237
Sexton, CollinPG, SG25Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2026$19,175,000
Shamet, LandrySG27Logo of the Washington WizardsWASRSEUFA2026$11,750,000
Sharpe, Day'RonC22Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNRSCRFA2025$3,989,122
Sharpe, ShaedonSG21Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORRSCRFA2026$8,399,983
Sheppard, BenSG22Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRSCRFA2027$5,031,668
Siakam, PascalPF30Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRSEUFA2024$37,893,408
Simmons, BenSF, PG27Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNDRSEUFA2025$40,338,144
Simons, AnferneeSG25Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORVetUFA2026$27,678,571
Sims, JerichoPF25Logo of the New York KnicksNYKVetUFA2025$2,092,344
Slawson, JalenSF24Logo of the Sacramento KingsSAC2WayRFA2024$0
Smart, MarcusPG, SG30Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMVEUFA2026$21,586,856
Smith, JalenPF24Logo of the Indiana PacersINDVetUFA2025$5,417,386
Smith, TerquavionSG, PG21Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHI2WayRFA2024$0
Smith Jr., NickPG, SG20Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHARSCRFA2027$4,890,067
Smith Jr., DennisPG26Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Smith Jr., JabariPF21Logo of the Houston RocketsHOURSCRFA2026$12,350,392
Sochan, JeremyPG, SF21Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASRSCRFA2026$7,096,231
Spencer, PatPG27Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSW2WayRFA2025$0
Springer, JadenSG21Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSRSCRFA2025$4,018,363
Stevens, LamarSF, PF26Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRookUFA2024$1,930,681
Stevens, LamarSF, PF26Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMCIUFA2024$2,019,706
Stewart, IsaiahPF, C23Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSEUFA2028$15,000,000
Strawther, JulianSF22Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENRSCRFA2027$4,826,931
Strus, MaxSG, SF28Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVEUFA2027$16,660,836
Suggs, JalenPG22Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSCRFA2025$9,188,385
Swider, ColePF25Logo of the Miami HeatMIA2WayUFA2024$0
Swider, ColePF25Logo of the Miami HeatMIAExh10RFA2024$1,801,769
Swider, ColePF25Logo of the Miami HeatMIA2WayRFA2024$0
Tate, Jae’SeanSF28Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2025$7,565,217
Tatum, JaysonSF, PF26Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSDRSEUFA2026$37,096,620
Temple, GarrettSG, SF38Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVetUFA2024$5,401,000
Temple, GarrettSG, SF38Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Terry, DalenPG, SF, SG21Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIRSCRFA2026$5,399,118
Theis, DanielC32Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetUFA2025$9,108,386
Theis, DanielC32Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetUFA2024$1,741,126
Thomas, IsaiahPG, SG35Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2024$69,645
Thomas, CamSG22Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNRSCRFA2025$4,041,249
Thompson, TristanC, PF33Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Thompson, KlaySG34Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVetUFA2024$43,219,440
Thompson, AmenPG21Logo of the Houston RocketsHOURSCRFA2027$12,258,609
Thompson, AusarSG, SF21Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSCRFA2027$11,117,925
Thor, JTPF21Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHARookUFA2025$1,988,598
Thybulle, MatisseSG27Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORVetUFA2026$11,550,000
Tillman Sr., XavierPF25Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSRookUFA2024$1,930,681
Toppin, ObiPF26Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRSCRFA2024$6,803,012
Toppin, JacobSF24Logo of the New York KnicksNYKExh10RFA2024$1,119,563
Toppin, JacobSF24Logo of the New York KnicksNYK2WayRFA2024$0
Toppin, JacobSF24Logo of the New York KnicksNYK2WayRFA2024$0
Towns, Karl-AnthonyPF, C28Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINDVEUFA2028$61,194,000
Trent Jr., GarySG25Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORVetUFA2024$18,560,000
Tshiebwe, OscarC24Logo of the Indiana PacersIND2WayRFA2024$0
Tucker, P.J.PF, SF, SG39Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetUFA2025$11,539,000
Turner, MylesC28Logo of the Indiana PacersINDVEUFA2025$19,928,500
Tyson, HunterSF24Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Umude, StanleySG25Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETVetUFA2025$2,120,693
Valanciunas, JonasC32Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVEUFA2024$15,435,000
Vanderbilt, JarredPF, SF25Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVEUFA2028$13,285,714
VanVleet, FredPG30Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUVetUFA2026$44,886,930
Vassell, DevinSG23Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASRSEUFA2029$27,000,000
Vezenkov, AleksandarSF, PF28Logo of the Sacramento KingsSACRookUFA2026$6,975,609
Vincent, GabePG27Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2026$11,500,000
Vucevic, NikolaC33Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVEUFA2026$21,481,481
Vukcevic, TristanPF, C21Logo of the Washington WizardsWASRookRFA2025$2,424,892
Wade, DeanPF27Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLEVEUFA2026$6,623,456
Wagner, MoritzC27Logo of the Orlando MagicORLVetUFA2025$8,000,000
Wagner, FranzSF22Logo of the Orlando MagicORLRSCRFA2025$7,007,092
Wainright, IshSF, PF29Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2024$1,927,896
Wainright, IshSF, PF29Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHX2WayRFA2024$0
Walker, JabariPF21Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORRookRFA2025$2,019,699
Walker, JaracePF, SF20Logo of the Indiana PacersINDRSCRFA2027$8,478,541
Walker IV, LonnieSG25Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Wallace, CasonPG, SG20Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCRSCRFA2027$7,420,806
Walsh, JordanSF20Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSRookUFA2027$2,406,205
Warren, T.J.SF30Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMINVetUFA2024$220,543
Washington, P.J.PF25Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALVetUFA2026$14,152,174
Washington Jr, TyTyPG22Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMILRSCUFA2026$2,270,440
Washington Jr, TyTyPG22Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMIL2WayRFA2024$0
Washington Jr., DuanePG, SG24Logo of the New York KnicksNYK2WayUFA2024$0
Washington Jr., DuanePG, SG24Logo of the New York KnicksNYKCIUFA2024$2,019,706
Washington Jr., DuanePG, SG24Logo of the New York KnicksNYK2WayUFA2024$0
Washington Jr., DuanePG, SG24Logo of the New York KnicksNYK2WayRFA2024$0
Watanabe, YutaSF29Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMVetUFA2025$2,654,644
Waters III, LindySG26Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVetRFA2025$2,196,970
Watford, TrendonSF, PF23Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNVetRFA2024$2,019,706
Watson, PeytonSG, SF, PF21Logo of the Denver NuggetsDENRSCRFA2026$4,356,476
Wembanyama, VictorPF, C20Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASRSCRFA2027$16,868,246
Wesley, BlakePG, SG21Logo of the San Antonio SpursSASRSCRFA2026$4,726,328
Westbrook, RussellPG35Logo of the LA ClippersLACVetUFA2025$4,027,525
White, CobySG, PG24Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIVetUFA2026$12,888,889
White, DerrickSG, PG29Logo of the Boston CelticsBOSRSEUFA2025$20,071,429
Whitehead, DariqSF19Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNRSCRFA2027$5,366,911
Whitmore, CamSF19Logo of the Houston RocketsHOURSCRFA2027$5,458,310
Wiggins, AndrewSF, SG29Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSWVEUFA2027$30,169,644
Wiggins, AaronSG25Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCRookUFA2025$1,988,598
Williams, GrantPF25Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHAVetUFA2027$14,265,750
Williams, KenrichPF, SF29Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCVEUFA2027$7,163,000
Williams, PatrickPF, SF22Logo of the Chicago BullsCHIRSCRFA2024$9,835,881
Williams, ZiaireSF22Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMRSCRFA2025$6,133,005
Williams, BrandonPG24Logo of the Dallas MavericksDALExh10UFA2024$1,801,769
Williams, BrandonPG24Logo of the Dallas MavericksDAL2WayRFA2024$0
Williams, JalenSG, SF23Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCRSCRFA2026$6,580,997
Williams, MarkPF, C22Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHARSCRFA2026$6,276,531
Williams, JaylinPF21Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKCRookUFA2026$2,187,699
Williams, AlondesPG24Logo of the Miami HeatMIAExh10UFA2024$1,801,769
Williams, AlondesPG24Logo of the Miami HeatMIA2WayRFA2024$0
Williams, NateSG, SF25Logo of the Houston RocketsHOURookUFA2024$1,719,864
Williams, NateSG, SF25Logo of the Houston RocketsHOUExh10RFA2024$1,801,769
Williams, NateSG, SF25Logo of the Houston RocketsHOU2WayRFA2024$0
Williams, MalikPF, C25Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTORRookRFA2024$12,869
Williams III, RobertC26Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPORRSEUFA2026$13,285,713
Williams Jr., VinceSF23Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEMVetRFA2027$2,489,752
Williamson, ZionPF23Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPDRSEUFA2028$44,886,930
Wilson, JalenSF, PF23Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKNRookRFA2026$2,221,677
Windler, DylanSG, SF27Logo of the Atlanta HawksATL2WayUFA2024$0
Windler, DylanSG, SF27Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Windler, DylanSG, SF27Logo of the Atlanta HawksATL2WayUFA2024$0
Windler, DylanSG, SF27Logo of the Atlanta HawksATL2WayUFA2024$0
Wiseman, JamesC23Logo of the Detroit PistonsDETRSCRFA2024$12,119,440
Wong, IsaiahPG, SG23Logo of the Indiana PacersIND2WayRFA2024$0
Wood, ChristianPF28Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLALVetUFA2025$3,036,040
Wright, DelonPG, SG32Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2024$8,195,122
Wright, DelonPG, SG32Logo of the Miami HeatMIAVetUFA2024$661,628
Young, TraePG25Logo of the Atlanta HawksATLDRSEUFA2027$48,967,380
Young, ThaddeusPF35Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVEUFA2024$8,000,000
Young, ThaddeusPF35Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHXVetUFA2024$638,413
Yurtseven, ÖmerC25Logo of the Utah JazzUTAVetUFA2025$2,660,000
Zeller, CodyC31Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOPVetUFA2024$2,019,706
Zubac, IvicaC27Logo of the LA ClippersLACVEUFA2025$11,743,210
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