Mid-Level Exception Tracker

There are three types of Mid-Level Exceptions (MLEs):
  • Room Mid-Level Exception Requirements:
    • Team is below the cap
    • Team must not have already used any of the following in the active season:
      • Bi-Annual Exception
      • Non-Taxpayer MLE
      • Taxpayer MLE
  • Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception:
    • Team is below the tax apron, but above the cap
    • First year salary of the signed contract results in the team remaining below the tax apron
    • Team must not have already used any of the following in the active season:
      • Room MLE
      • Taxpayer MLE
  • Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception:
    • First year salary of the signed contract results in the team's cap hit exceeding the tax apron
    • 2023 CBA Addition: The team must be below the 2nd apron
    • Team must not have already used any of the following in the active season:
      • Bi-Annual Exception
      • Cap Room/Room Exception
      • Room MLE
      • Non-Taxpayer MLE

The MLE can be split among multiple contracts as long as the sum of the cap hit does not exceed the MLE limits

MLE limits for the 2024-25 season:
  • Room MLE: $8,006,000
  • Non-Taxpayer MLE: $12,859,000
  • Taxpayer MLE: $5,183,000

This tool will automatically reduce a value to $0 in space if it is not possible to use the exception at the current time. For example, if the team has more cap room than the maximum Non-Taxpayer MLE amount, the Non-Taxpayer MLE will be reduced to $0. If the team later increases their payroll to where the Non-Taxpayer MLE is feasible, the space will then display as a value greater than $0
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Logo of the Atlanta HawksAtlanta HawksATL$0$15,595,759$21,542,428NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Boston CelticsBoston CelticsBOS$0$0$0NoNo---
Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBrooklyn NetsBKN$0$7,292,449$14,747,449NoNo-$7,292,449$0
Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCharlotte HornetsCHA$0$32,076,414$42,906,414NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Chicago BullsChicago BullsCHI$0$0$0NoNo---
Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCleveland CavaliersCLE$0$20,905,404$31,735,404NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Dallas MavericksDallas MavericksDAL$0$4,357,730$13,687,730NoNo-$4,357,730$5,183,000
Logo of the Denver NuggetsDenver NuggetsDEN$0$0$0NoNo---
Logo of the Detroit PistonsDetroit PistonsDET$0$33,141,477$41,471,477NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGolden State WarriorsGSW$0$4,636,605$14,466,605NoNo-$4,636,605$5,183,000
Logo of the Houston RocketsHouston RocketsHOU$0$33,384,893$41,614,893NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Indiana PacersIndiana PacersIND$0$21,727,476$30,657,476NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the LA ClippersLA ClippersLAC$0$8,715,533$19,545,533NoNo-$8,715,533$0
Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles LakersLAL$0$0$10,031,038NoNo--$5,183,000
Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMemphis GrizzliesMEM$0$3,537,981$10,358,685NoNo-$3,537,981$5,183,000
Logo of the Miami HeatMiami HeatMIA$0$0$4,686,244NoNo--$5,183,000
Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMilwaukee BucksMIL$0$0$4,269,365NoNo--$5,183,000
Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota TimberwolvesMIN$0$0$0NoNo---
Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans PelicansNOP$0$24,150,150$34,980,150NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the New York KnicksNew York KnicksNYK$0$30,347,030$39,048,950NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma City ThunderOKC$0$14,003,338$23,833,338NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Orlando MagicOrlando MagicORL$0$0$6,275,539NoNo--$5,183,000
Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia 76ersPHI$0$0$0NoNo---
Logo of the Phoenix SunsPhoenix SunsPHX$0$0$0NoNo---
Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPortland Trail BlazersPOR$0$11,529,787$20,806,216NoNo-$11,529,787$0
Logo of the Sacramento KingsSacramento KingsSAC$0$11,011,264$20,541,264NoNo-$11,011,264$0
Logo of the San Antonio SpursSan Antonio SpursSAS$0$26,004,845$32,464,375NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Toronto RaptorsToronto RaptorsTOR$0$3,454,286$10,650,357NoNo-$3,454,286$5,183,000
Logo of the Utah JazzUtah JazzUTA$0$24,840,746$35,061,451NoNo-$12,859,000$0
Logo of the Washington WizardsWashington WizardsWAS$0$0$0NoNo---