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Jul 12, 2023
Boston Celtics Acquire:
Logo of the Boston Celtics
From SAS:
2024 2nd round pick (NOP) [Conditional]*
From DAL:
2025 2nd round pick (DAL) [Conditional]**
2030 2nd round pick (DAL)
*Conditions: BOS receives the highest 2024 2nd round pick of NOP or CHI
*Conditional Result: Pending
**Conditions: BOS receives the highest 2025 2nd round pick of DET, GSW, or DAL.
**Conditional Result: Pending
Trade Exceptions Generated:
Grant Williams · $6,202,500
Cap Hit Sum: $0
Cap Hit Change: $0
Dallas Mavericks Acquire:
Logo of the Dallas Mavericks
From BOS:
Grant Williams · $0 (Signing Rights)
From SAS:
2025 2nd round pick (TOR)
2028 2nd round pick (MIA)
Cap Hit Sum: $0
Cap Hit Change: -$10,489,600
San Antonio Spurs Acquire:
Logo of the San Antonio Spurs
From DAL:
Reggie Bullock · $10,489,600
2030 1st round pick (DAL) [Swap Option]*
*Swap Option Details: SAS option to swap 2030 1st round pick with DAL
*Swap Option Result: Pending
Cap Hit Sum: $10,489,600
Cap Hit Change: +$10,489,600
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