Vit Krejci Trade History

Sep 27, 2022
Atlanta Hawks Acquire:
Logo of the Atlanta Hawks
Vit Krejci · $1,563,518
Trade Exceptions Generated:
Maurice Harkless · $2,564,980
Cap Hit Sum: $1,563,518
Cap Hit Change: -$3,001,462
Oklahoma City Thunder Acquire:
Logo of the Oklahoma City Thunder
Maurice Harkless · $4,564,980
2025 2nd round pick (ATL) [Protected]*
2029 2nd round pick (ATL)
*Protected Details: OKC receives a protected 2025 2nd round pick from ATL, details are below:

2025: 31-40 (On a previous trade between OKC/ATL the protection was 31-55, but this trade upgraded it to protection of 31-40)
*Protected Result: Pending
Trade Exceptions Generated:
Vit Krejci · $781,759
Cap Hit Sum: $4,564,980
Cap Hit Change: +$3,001,462