2026-27 Luxury Tax Tracker

  • Taxed amount is the difference between the team salary excluding any holds, and the luxury tax limit (taxed amount = team salary - holds - luxury tax limit)
  • Beginning in 2024-25 the tax bracket span will increase at the same rate as the salary cap (beginning with $5M spans). [2023 CBA Article VII (2)]
  • Beginning in 2025-26 the tax rates will change. The first two brackets will decrease, all other brackets will increase. [2023 CBA Article VII (2)]
  • A "Repeater" is a team who has had no luxury tax room in 3 of the 4 immediately preceding seasons, where the first season considered is the current season (since the tax is calculated after the season ends).
TeamLuxury TaxRepeaterTaxed AmountBracket 1Bracket 2Bracket 3Bracket 4Bracket 5Bracket 6Bracket 7Bracket 8Bracket 9Bracket 10
Bracket Range:$0-$6M$6M-$12M$12M-$18M$18M-$24M$24M-$30M$30M-$36M$36M-$42M$42M-$48M$48M-$54M$54M-$60M
Standard Rate:1.00x1.25x3.50x4.75x5.25x5.75x6.25x6.75x7.25x7.75x
Repeater Rate:3.00x3.25x5.50x6.75x7.25x7.75x8.25x8.75x9.25x9.75x
Logo of the Atlanta HawksATL$0$0----------
Logo of the Boston CelticsBOS$0$0----------
Logo of the Brooklyn NetsBKN$0$0----------
Logo of the Charlotte HornetsCHA$0$0----------
Logo of the Chicago BullsCHI$0$0----------
Logo of the Cleveland CavaliersCLE$0$0----------
Logo of the Dallas MavericksDAL$0$0----------
Logo of the Denver NuggetsDEN$0$0----------
Logo of the Detroit PistonsDET$0$0----------
Logo of the Golden State WarriorsGSW$0$0----------
Logo of the Houston RocketsHOU$0$0----------
Logo of the Indiana PacersIND$0$0----------
Logo of the LA ClippersLAC$0$0----------
Logo of the Los Angeles LakersLAL$0$0----------
Logo of the Memphis GrizzliesMEM$0$0----------
Logo of the Miami HeatMIA$0$0----------
Logo of the Milwaukee BucksMIL$0$0----------
Logo of the Minnesota TimberwolvesMIN$0$0----------
Logo of the New Orleans PelicansNOP$0$0----------
Logo of the New York KnicksNYK$0$0----------
Logo of the Oklahoma City ThunderOKC$0$0----------
Logo of the Orlando MagicORL$0$0----------
Logo of the Philadelphia 76ersPHI$0$0----------
Logo of the Phoenix SunsPHX$0$0----------
Logo of the Portland Trail BlazersPOR$0$0----------
Logo of the Sacramento KingsSAC$0$0----------
Logo of the San Antonio SpursSAS$0$0----------
Logo of the Toronto RaptorsTOR$0$0----------
Logo of the Utah JazzUTA$0$0----------
Logo of the Washington WizardsWAS$0$0----------